We have learned a variety of theories and meaning inns of different families. Is getting a little confusing but reviewing again to make sense of it!


catch up

sorry I have not updated in a while been busy with assignments as a little catch up all of my lessons are going well and coursework is up to date so will update soon.

Health and social

We are learning about the development of a baby during pregnancy and how they can go wrong in each stage/trimester. we have been asked to create a biography of someone of our choice could be made up and write how their birth and conception went. however we have to include a birth deficiency such as foetal alcohol syndrome!

will update again soon

ps sorry for the late update


in media we are starting to look at adverts and what are the persuasive techniques involved in making an advert. we are doing this because for our assessment we have to make a advert for a real company of Mrs parks and Mr woodhouse choosing.

will update you on it more soon

Sociology (First lesson)

Had my first lesson of sociology today and we started our first topic of education and working class and middle class education (how each one is affected in the education sector) And the second is family life and why people act the way they do. Had an assignment set which was to purchase 2 folders for my topics in order to keep my work organised and to help me revise better.